The big four of the Washington Post

I’ve heard a lot of discussions regarding women in positions on sports television, like broadcasting and analyzing, but it’s important not to forget about the print side of things. Although a reporter’s gender may not be as evident in print journalism, it’s still necessary to have a wide array of voices. I recently read this piece from the Washington Post on its four female writers covering the four major sports teams in D.C. I commend the Post for making an effort to diversify by employing women to these big sports, and I also think it’s great that the newspaper is spotlighting the women and their accomplishments in this piece, which includes a Q&A with many of the topics I’ve been discussing throughout this blog.

Here’s one of my favorite quotes from the piece, from Redskins beat writer Liz Clarke:

I’ve never felt that playing football or playing any particular sport was a prerequisite for covering the sport, as long as the reporter is inquisitive, diligent and persistent. White House correspondents, for example, typically haven’t run for office, nor have war correspondents necessarily served in battle. So I don’t think about or dwell on challenges that being a female in a male-dominated field might present.

I appreciate that these women make no excuses. It’s easy to talk about all of the challenges that women face in the sports field, but sometimes it’s important to just focus on the job itself and tackle it like you would in any field, regardless of gender, as Clarke states.

These are all accomplished women who have more than earned their current roles at one of the most prestigious newspapers in the country, and I look forward to reading their work in the future.


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